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Devoted to free and ample discussion of news and issues, Newsroom-L is an email discussion list for professional journalists, but anyone interested in current events and how they are covered in the media is welcome to join.

Newsroom-L is administered by Jules Siegel, an author and graphic designer whose work has appeared over the years in Playboy, Rolling Stone, Best American Short Stories, Library of America’s Writing Los Angeles, and many other publications.

Although free discussion is encouraged, and the concept of what is on-topic is interpreted in the broadest sense possible, people will be bounced for non-humorous personal insults, posting copyrighted material without permission, and being outrageously annoying in ways that need not be defined but will be recognized when they occur. The most important rules are:

[1] It strictly forbidden to personally insult a newsroom-l subscriber on-list or off-list.

[2] It is strictly forbidden to forward a newsroom-l subscriber’s message, private or public, without permission from the author.

One warning, then posting rights are suspended for one week. The next infraction results in being no-posted entirely for one month. After that One-Eyed Louie comes to your house and explains things to you in a way that you are not likely to forget in several lifetimes.

Within those limits, Newsroom-L aims at providing a non-moderated space in which journalists can not only exchange professional information and ideas, but also get to know each other (and their readers) and, perhaps, develop a true sense of community. Newsroom-l is archived at http://my.binhost.com/pipermail/newsroom-l/, where messages are open to the public.

Subscribe to Newsroom-L through your browser by clicking here. You can also send an email to newsroom-l@netspace.org. In the subject line, write “Subscribe.” In the body, put your email address and your first name and last name.

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