Sep 272008

The general opinion seems to be that Obama came out ahead, but it should be noted that Bush did not do well in the debates, yet won two elections. After the polls, you’ll find some comments from Fox New Forum pundits, who seem mostly rather wan, a bad sign for McCain, one would think.

CNN Telephone interviews
Obama 51%
McCain 38%

CBS News Telephone interviews of uncommitted voters
Obama 39%
McCain 24%
Tie 37%

AOL Online Total 194,409
Obama 45%
McCain 44%
Tie 6%
Didn’t watch 5%

Alanta Journal Constitution Online
Obama 77%
McCain 23%

Chicago Tribune Online
Obama (14741 responses) 88.2%
McCain (1969 responses) 11.8%

Drudge Online
McCain 66%
Obama 32%
Neither 2%

MLive (Michigan) Online Total 35,084
Obama 73%
McCain 26%

Rocky Mountain News (Colorado) Online Total 7404
Obama 91%
McCain 7%
Even 0%

Newsvine Online Total 75,288
Obama 79.2%
McCain 16.4%
Tie 3.2%
Not sure 1.2%

Politico Online Total 13,700
Barack Obama 75 %
John McCain 22 %
No clear winner 2 %

KARE 11 (Minneapolis-St. Paul) Online Total 4,642
Barack Obama 51%
John McCain 44%
Neither 2%
Did not watch 4%

WSJ (Online) Total 60,527
Obama 57.2%
McCain 39.7%
Neither 3.1%

Debate Wrap: FOX Forum Contributors React to the First Presidential Debate

Christopher Coffey, Republican Consultant
“The debate itself was a draw in that neither candidate landed significant body blows. It was a general election win for Senator Obama in so far as he demonstrated an ability to articulate foreign policy positions.”

Lanny Davis, Former White House Special Counsel/FOX News Political Contributor
“A dead heat for the most part — but John McCain ends weaker when attacking Obama. And Obama ends stronger by staying positive.”

Ellen Ratner, Bureau Chief, Talk Radio News Service/FOX News Political Contributor
“This was not the knock out for McCain that he really needed since international affairs is his strong suit. Will the swing voter, that all-important twenty percent of the electorate, be convinced either way tonight? Most likely not.”

James P. Pinkerton, Writer/Columnist, The American Conservative magazine/FOX New Political Contributor
“McCain Had Better Emotion and Perspective but Obama Looked Good and Spoke Smoothly”

Charles Krauthammer, Syndicated Columnist/FOX News Political Analyst
“Obama came out ahead. … He didn’t have a knock out moment. This was a draw. [But] it gets out of the way a potential liability. I’d be surprised if McCain had a bounce from this.”

Andrea Tantaros, Republican Political Commentator
“McCain won tonight’s first debate. He appeared strong, seasoned, and resolute.”

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